Law Offices of George J. Vournazos : Firm Philosophy

      Our firm philosophy is really quite simple.  We believe that our clients have a right to good quality legal representation.  This sounds nice, but what does it mean?  It means that we believe that you are entitled to the following from us:

1.  Our Best Effort.  We will do everything possible to insure that we are doing everything we can for you and your problem.

2.  Honesty.   You are entitled to the truth about your problem, what it will cost, and the potential results.  We do not believe in "running the clock" merely to bill our clients.

3.  Free Consultations.  We will always give you a free consultation regarding any potential matter.

4.  Courtesy.  We believe in treating people with courtesy.  This includes returning telephone calls and keeping you advised of the progress being made on the matter.

5.  Education.  We like to educate our clients regarding the law and procedures involved with their particular matter.  The fact is that an educated client is in a better position to understand and make better decisions regarding their matter.  This leads to better interaction between our office and you, and it allows us to represent you better. 

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